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We know Cake makes some of the best Cannabis on the market, but who says we have to stop there? Introducing, 200mg Strawberry infused broad spectrum gummies from Cake Cannabis! Within the strawberry variant, the gummies will showcase CBG, THCv, and Delta9-THC cannabinoids. This product is also made with a pectin base for an amazing consistency, which makes this the perfect edible substitute for our vegan friends. So grab a bag and see what Cake’s got baking!

200MG Total THC - 20 MG Per Serving - 10 Servings Per Pack

Sour Apple 2:1

The flower isn’t the only thing green and irresistible at Cake Cannabis. Now introducing, Sour Apple 2:1 gummies by Cake Cannabis, an essential start with the a focus on the end user. Waking up in the morning can bring aches and groans, not to mention the 5th time you hit your snooze. Replace that snooze button with a bite of our delicious Sour Apple gummies instead and get a pep in your step. With a CBD heavy balance of cannabinoids including Delta9-THC, Delta10-THC, CBG, and even CBN to carry you through the day. These gummies relieve your depression, anxiety, and leave you in a blissful pain free state with medication in mind. So hop on the saddle and come grab some sour apple!

13.4 MG CBD - 6.6MG THC - 10 Servings Per Pack


Cake has been growing cannabis long enough to understand people love to get baked, except now, we are doing the baking. Introducing, 200mg Peach infused broad spectrum gummies from Cake Cannabis! Our Peach line offers a wide range of cannabinoids similar to our strawberry line, with THCv, CBG, and Delta9-THC being at the forefront. The subtle peach is not overpowering and has a much more natural peach finish than most peach candies. Come see what Cake’s got baking, and these peach candies will take away the aching!

200MG Total THC - 20 MG Per Serving - 10 Servings Per Pack

Raspberry 1:1

The entourage effect is the name of the game here, and with our introduction of Raspberry 1:1 broad spectrum gummies, these may just take the cake! Bringing in an entourage of cannabinoids to satisfy your body's endo-cannabinoid quench for quality medicine. Providing a broad spectrum of Delta9-THC, Delta-10 THC, CBD, CBD, and CBN to knock out the pain or carry you throughout your day. With the taste excelling with minimal earth and maximum fresh plucked raspberries. So hurry up and grab a slice while they last, only from Cake.

10 MG CBD - 10 MG THC - 10 Servings Per Pack

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