cake infused blunt

Hand made

1.5 g Cake Flower / .25 g of Butter Chip / .25 g Kief

Crafted from Cake's highest sourced flower, meticulously crafted concentrates, and sealed with love and frosting. These two-gram cake blunts are wrapped in premier hemp leaf, filled with 1.5 grams of Cake's Top Shelf Cannabis nugs, .25 grams of sugar concentrate, and crested with .25 grams of kief. Slow and deep pulls off the Cannagar will result in body euphoria and mind numbness, which will alleviate and reset your day into a more enjoyably fulfilling experience. With the glass tube provided, feel free to extinguish it for future smoke sessions.

  • BGM Flower / BGM Butter / BGM Kief
  • CM Flower  / CM Butter / CM Kief
  • PC Flower  / PC Butter / BG Kief
  • PS Flower  / Mixed Butter / BG Kief

BG: Bacio Gelato
BGM: Bubba Gas Mints
CM: Cereal Milk
PC: Pound Cake
PS: Pop Star

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