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Cake Cured Wax

DOSAGE: 1 gm

They say “just a dab” will do you, and with Cake Cannabis’ brand new cured wax concentrate, they weren’t lying! This cured wax has been sourced from Cake premium indoor cannabis cola’s and small nugs to extract the perfect ratio of cannabinoids to terpenes. Ranging from a consistency of sticky yet firm wax, to a more soft crumble depending on the cultivar. Using a process of hydrocarbons to fully pamper the cannabis in the low and slow process.


Cake Cured Sugar

DOSAGE: 1 gm

From the tips of our branches to the tip of your flame, introducing, Cured Sugar by Cake. By combining a hydro carbon process and the most premium Cannabis to bring pillowy mounds of delicate sugar crystals. These crystals will pack a punch and leave you speechless, with an overabundant concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes to provide high quality medicine for the user. Cake’s sugar is sure to put you on the rise, so sit back and vaporize.


Cake Live Resin

DOSAGE: 1 gm

Cake Live Resin starts with fresh flower frozen on the day of harvest to ensure the terpenes and cannabinoids transfer to a rewarding dabbing experience. The nose and effects of live vs. cured resins may vary, but the bottom line is the flower used always stays the same. Using a blend of cannabis colas and smaller nugs to ensure a full body to the concentrate and provide a quality sesh.

  • Santa Cruz Sunset
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